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You know how when you read my blog mi casa becomes su casa in a way?

Well, there are some changes in our casa. Physical and otherwise.

An old IKEA sofa got my brain producing lots of different cliches including “you never really appreciate a good thing until it’s gone” (which is not entirely true since I’ve always appreciated that particular sofa, just never quite as passionately and melodramatically as I did yesterday when we disposed of it). The sofa got me thinking about how objects become extensions of us, of beings, and assume some of the weight that we carry (no pun intended) and how we project emotions onto them. This floral IKEA sofa, was the waiting spot where my dog Louisa would sit by the window and wait for me.


My temporary contract job came to an end on Friday, which stirred mixed emotions in me. It’s a strange feeling…

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