Almond, cacao and peanut butter cookies

Needle & I Blog

I can’t claim this recipe. I can’t even claim having found this recipe. The thing is, my friend who shared the love my way doesn’t have a food blog of her own (though the way she cooks, she should) so I feel it’s my duty to in turn share the love to you lot…whomsoever you lovely bunch are.

I’m constantly on the hunt for ‘treats’ which house relatively sound levels of goodness, both so that I don’t feel pangs of guilt every time I reach for the cookie jar, but also so I can have some control over the level of sugar which hits the thirsty veins of my threenager on a daily basis. Trouble is that most of the time I make something in the ‘vaguely healthy’ treat category she can sniff it out from a mile off and turns her picky little nose up at it.

These cookies…

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