Auberge de la Terrase, Moret Sur Loing, France

Cooking in Sens


Yesterday was my birthday and Yves, a riverboat friend, had told me about a picturesque town about 35 kilometers from Sens called Moret Sur Loing.  I wanted to go there 🙂


Gratuitous picture of flowers sent by our son from Aquarelle.  Before we left for Moret, I searched the internet for a medium-high quality restaurant and found, among others, L’Auberge de la Terrasse located on the river Loing.  The prices were quoted at 23-43 Euros per person.  Good, I thought, we’ll have drinkable wine.


When we walked up to the front of the Auberge we noticed the cook staff unloading vegetables and condiments, obviously purchased from a supermarket, from the back of a car.  Forewarned but oblivious, we entered the restaurant.


Even if it wasn’t my birthday, I would have ordered the coupe de Champagne as an apertif. I like coupe de Champagnes, but not this one.  It was delivered to…

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