10 wild sandwiches from all over the world

Sandwiches are the reason why happiness is possible. Why being optimistic pays off. Why lending a helping hand is worth it. Because if you’re a good person who does more good things than bad things, your faith in life is reaffirmed when you bite into a sandwich. Every sandwich is basically paying it forward. Here are 10 wild sandwiches from all over the world.

1.The Chicken-Avocado-Aioli from Australia

1 The Chicken-Avocado-Aioli from Australia_副本

2.The Gatsby Sandwich from South Africa

2 The Gatsby Sandwich from South Africa_副本

3.The Danish Smorrebrod

3 The Danish Smorrebrod_副本

4.The Italian Panini

4 The Italian Panini_副本

5.The Turkish (or German) Rotating Barbecue

5 The Turkish (or German) Döner Kebap_副本

6.The Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich

6 The Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich_副本

7.The American Sloppy Joe

7 The American Sloppy Joe_副本

8.The South American Choripan

8 The South American Choripan_副本

9.The Polish Zapiekanka

9 The Polish Zapiekanka_副本

10.The Toast Hawaii from Germany

10 The Toast Hawaii from Germany_副本




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