How to Sleep Like a Baby

Problems sleeping can be a major drag on happiness — if you can’t sleep well, you can’t function as well during the day.

So how do we solve the problems  and become baby-like in our sleep? I don’t have all the answers, but here are some of the things that have worked for me:

1. Exercise. A good hard workout or run, bike or swim will get you nice and tired.

2. Get up early. You can get your body to shift its sleeping schedule by slowly getting up earlier. Try 15 minutes earlier than normal for a week.

3. Establish a bedtime ritual. It takes time to unwind the body and mind. At least an hour before bedtime, start slowing down.

4. Focus your attention. Once you’ve done your bedtime ritual and unwound, and your body is nice and tired, you need to quiet the mind.

5. Change slowly. Be patient with sleeping changes — they are difficult, because when we are tired, our mind doesn’t have the discipline to stick to changes.

It’s a much-needed rest that helps us to be truly awake once the glorious new day has come. I hope this would help you.

40 sleep

38 sleep

39 sleep


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