DIY Emoticon Hair Clips

Transform the cute emoticons from your phone into wearable fashion statements. Make as many clips as you desire, in every mood you want, and then swap them throughout the day as your mood changes.

1/8 yard of wool felt (yellow, red and black) Hot glue gun
Metal hair clips Scissors Ribbon

Step 1: cut out circles for the heads from the yellow felt. ( Use a round object between 2 and 3 inches in diameter such as a lens cap or spool of thread to trace circles to get the perfect size and shape.)

Step 2: cut out small hearts from red felt for the eyes and a smiley face mouth from black felt — you could either cut them out freehand . Hot glue the shapes to the yellow circle. Add eyes and mouth to yellow face.

Step 3: open the snap clips and slip ribbon in between the top and bottom. Slip ribbon into the clip.

Step 4: close the clip, and then add glue to the top of the clip. Fold the ribbon over the glue to secure it in place. Glue ribbon in place.

Step 5: add hot glue to the wide end of the clip and stick the back of the emoticon face to the clip. Allow the glue to dry. Glue the face to the clip.

Step 6: to make other designs, follow the same steps. Cut out the desired eye/mouth shapes from felt and glue in place on the yellow circles. Continue to make any emoticons you desire and glue them to hair clips.



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