Pets make your life happier

Modern city life is very busy, under great pressure. I believe there are many people who want to relax, to relieve the pressure and make life richer. In my opinion, pets can buffer life bring us pressure.

Nowadays I meet more and more people totally disappointed in human friendship and love. Old and wise people often joke that if you want to find a real friend and be sure that they’ll never betray, and then start keeping a pet. I know that many of true words spoken in jest.

Pets are very sensitive and wise creatures. It seems to me that they know the truth of life. Unlike people, animals don’t create problems out of nothing. They are free of negative thoughts and inner pain. Their pure hearts are made for loving their owners. People should learn to love, care and smile selflessly, like their pets usually do.

It may seem strange, but pets have the power to heal both physical and mental human disorders. Thousands of real stories prove their healing ability. I think that pets don’t only follow their instincts, but they can both feel and think.

The research proves that pets can apprehend danger. Their premonition of bad things may help people save their lives and avoid risks. Pets begin to behave strange when they feel danger, trying to give their owners a sign or a hint that something terrible is going to happen. They can feel death, earthquakes and other catastrophes in advance. That’s why owners should be more attentive to notice the signs given by their pets.

In conclusion, pets make our life more colorful and interesting. Thus, we should protect and love them.

 Dressing your cat in historical garb is a good idea.

Dressing your cat in historical garb is a good idea.

 Harry Potter shih tzu. I need that dog

Harry Potter shih tzu. I need that dog



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