Spotlight On Copenhagen

She left the world of the sea people in search of a human soul in one of Hans christian Andersen’s beloved fantasies.from the harbor you can get a feel for the attractive“city of green spires.”

At twilight or in cloudy weather, the copper-covered spires of old castles and churches lend the city a dream-like atmosphere.

Exploring it will take much longer.but that’s easy. Copenhagen was the first city to declare a street for pedestrians only.

To see them having fun, and to have some fun yourself, cross Andersen’s boulevard and enter Tivoli won’t be alone.

More than five million people a year come here.they come to dance, dine, take in outdoor and indoor concerts, see ballets and laugh at the tip: bring a lot of money.about 20 restaurants are among the city’s most expensive.even without money, you can still enjoy the proud old trees, the colored night lights and the beautiful might feel as if you are in a fairy tale.






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