Four most famous embroidery in China

Suzhou embroidery(苏绣) , Hunan embroidery(湘绣), Sichuan embroidery (蜀绣)and Guangdong embroidery(粤绣) are the four most famous in China. Suzhou embroidery has a long history. It has been excavated in Auspicious Tower and Mount Tiger Tower made in Northern Song in Five dynasties. The embroidery was made in rather professional ways, which is believed to be the earliest by now. It is recorded that suzhou embroidery was very prosperous and the art reached perfection after Song dynasty. Each family bred silkworms, made embroidery. There appeared embroidery thread lanes, brocade mills, embroidery flower streets, etc., in the city. That proved the prosperity of suzhou embroidery. Some lived by embroidering. Daughters in rich families were engaged in it as a way of killing time and molding their experiment. That’s how “popular embroidery”, “boudoir(闺房) embroidery” and “palace embroidery” came into being. Suzhou embroidery in Qing dynasty reached its culmination. Suzhou was called the “market of embroidery”, famous both at home and abroad. There were various ways of knitting and they were applied widely. Mountains, rivers, lakes, pavilions(楼阁) , flowers and birds, characters were all embroidered. Suzhou embroidery was largely needed in the palace. Therefore wonderful and magnificent embroidery sprang up.

Suzhou embroidery(苏绣)

1 苏绣

Hunan embroidery(湘绣)


Sichuan embroidery (蜀绣)


Guangdong embroidery(粤绣)

4 粤绣

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