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How to make a pressed flower case?

People like beautiful flowers specially girls. They are everywhere around us at everyday life. Pressed real flower cases are easy to make and don’t need a lot of time. They are distinctive and graceful. Let’s see how we can make it at a quick and easy way.

1.Prepare the pressed flowers. You can buy some on etsy, it cost not much or you can do it by yourself. Put the flowers on a book and keep it at least a week. And the pressed flowers are ready.

2.Clear your phone case and make sure that the back is clean.

3.Arrange your flowers on the case. If there are a lot of flowers, be sure that they don’t pile up higher than 1.5mm or you won’t be able to properly coat the case in resin. Dab a small amount of glue on the largest flower and carefully glue it to the case.

4.Prepare the resin. Put the ruler into the plastic cup and mark two lines. The first mark line is at 9.5mm and the second mark line is at about 19mm. Pour the resin in to the cup at9.5mm line and two minutes later pour the hardener into the 19mm line. Stir it then let the resin rest for 5 minutes.. And then the resin is ready.

5.Add resin to the case from the middle to the side.


f1000405_3 f1000424_3f1000456_2



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