Would You Wear a Denim Wedding Dress?

Normally, wedding gowns are made with chiffon, tulle, silk, and lace. In addition to being beautiful, the delicate fabrics are generally lightweight and fluid, which lend well to walking down an aisle, kissing, and dancing. But Diesel has offered untraditional brides an alternative: denim.

The piece, paired with a matching fascinator, is embellished with 3D-printed flowers in white and light blue denim.

A denim wedding dress would certainly be for the trend-bucking bride. But those wanting even more avant-garde, Diesel also produced a mini denim dress.

With a knee-grazing hemline, a buckle across the bust, and blooms adorning the shoulders, the dress definitely isn’t for the faint of heart.

Finding a bride bold enough to dare to wear either of these ensembles on their big day would be tough. But any taker would look totally cool.

用博客傲12 The white denim gown features blue 3D flowers.Would You Wear a Denim Wedding Dress




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