The Next Big Thing in Denim Is Straight Outta L.A.


Warren Baker and Robbie Rogers of the denim brand Hampton + Baker
In case you weren’t convinced, here’s more proof that L.A. is becoming a fashion hub: the brand-new denim brand Hampton + Baker. We know what you’re thinking: L.A.’s always been the land of jeans. But Hampton + Baker does things a little differently.

First, this collection is only jean jackets — five, to be exact. Not just any jean jackets, though: each style takes inspiration from a men’s fashion icon, from grungy Kurt Cobain to the dapper French heart-throb Alain Delon. And every detail has been carefully discussed, debated, and perfected to create “The New Classic.”

Second, the brand comes from a most unlikely duo: Robbie Rogers — the handsome pro-soccer player and gay activist who rocked the sports world by coming out a few years back — and his BFF and celebrity stylist, Warren Alfie Baker, who counts Miles Teller, Evan Peters, and Rogers among his client list. Rogers and Baker had such a deep love of fashion, they took time from their thriving careers to focus on their passion. Hence, the birth of Hampton + Baker.

Launching this men’s collection as an ultra-curated group of “the item we both live in,” and making it available in a limited run online, allows the brand to grow carefully. Their passion is in getting every detail just right, not getting as big as possible right away. That love for what they make is the reason the brand has major buzz among style-obsessed men — and a growing female fan base too.




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