The Easy-to-Use Multitasking Facial Hair Remover


No one likes facial hair. And, despite all the different methods out there to get rid of it—you can pluck, tweeze, thread, sugar, wax or laser it away—one of the more secretive techniques that provides additional benefits is dermaplaning. The treatment is offered at doctors’ offices and a new variation of it is now making its way into the at-home tool arena.

Enter DERMAFLASH, a handheld device inspired by dermaplaning (the professional version uses a scalpel to remove dead skin, debris and peach fuzz, but don’t worry, it sounds a lot more painful than it is). Unlike other hair removal methods, DERMAFLASH doesn’t use heat, light or a laser, but rather a special edge and subtle sonic vibration to eliminate dead skin and facial hair.

It also works on all skin colors.While mastering it can be a little tricky—you’ll want to make sure you get the “edge” clicked in just right before starting, use it only on freshly cleansed skin, hold your skin tight and use a downward motion in short strokes to remove the hair. Or, you can just watch the instructional video,, which we definitely recommend. By the second time around, the tool should be much easier to maneuver. Once the hair and dead skin are removed, you’ll be amazed at how much better your skin looks and feels, in just minutes, and how even your makeup will look. These pictures speak for themselves.




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