These Foods Might Be Giving You Nightmares


That midnight snack could be to blame for your trippy dreams.

Try to remember your dream last night. If you do and it was a little on the weird side, that cheese binge you had right before bed could be the culprit. Pre-bedtime snackers, take note: The types of food you eat before hitting the sack can have a major effect on your dreams.

Eating anything close to bedtime increases the activity of your metabolism, which causes your brain to stay active, making it more likely that the sleeper will have vivid dreams.

With that in mind we’ve put together our avoid-list of foods to skip if you don’t fancy dreams that will haunt you all day long.


You may have heard the old wives’ tale that eating cheese before bedtime gives you nightmares, and it turns out there’s something to it. “There is much speculation, and actually some solid research, to suggest that eating dairy products in the hours leading up to bedtime can cause bad or unusual dreams. Cheese and milk are thought to be the biggest culprits within this group.”

2.Cured and processed meats

“Sausages, salami, bacon, hot dogs, corned beef are very high in tyramine, an amino acid that regulates blood pressure,” explains clinical nutritionist Kamilla Schaffner, from My London Nutritionist. “Foods high in tyramine are nutritionally known to disrupt normal sleeping patterns as well as the central nervous system in general, which may lead to increased episodes of nightmares, disturbing dreams, or persistent migraines.”


“Spicy foods right before bedtime have also been associated with bizarre dreams,” explains Montagu. “The body has to work a bit harder than usual to digest seriously spicy foods. This disruption to the digestive system could impact the quality of sleep that you enjoy, leading to undesirable dreams.”




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