4 Things Help to Avoid Washing Their Hair

If you have curly hair, you’ve probably gone to great lengths to protect your texture. Of course, you’re not afraid of water – just the dryness and frizz that follows. In fact, ask a handful of women how they sidestep sudsing up and you’ll probably receive a vast range of ingenious responses. Here are four extreme hair hacks shared on the Internet .

1.When you’ve got serious length or big, buoyant ringlets, a shower cap can be. Plastic grocery bags, however, are often a common solution for warding off water; many claim their depth makes it easier to capture curls without crushing them. Those looking to prolong a blowout or keep curls dry can skip the bulky towel and opt for the Turbie Twist before slipping into the tub. And for true diehards, a heavy-duty swim cap can be the ultimate solution to frizz-inducing steam.

2.Cocoa powder. Cornstarch. Flour. All are ingredients you can use to DIY dry shampoo in an effort to absorb oil and avoid a wash. While there are definitely props to be given here for originality, baking suppliesshould be reserved for the kitchen – not your hair.

3. “When am I ever going to use this?” Well, here’s your answer: Finding an acute angle or arc are real-world skills when you’re positioning your showerhead to hit your body, not your hair – keeping everything (including your curls) dry from the neck up. Now, that’s some serious math.

4.For some, the choice between a SoulCycle-worthy butt and frizz-free hair is easy. Ain’t no shame in skipping a sweat session to save your curls, color, or blowout.




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