3 Ways to Show Off Gorgeous Shoulders this Summer

Check your favorite online shopping destination, peruse some street style blogs or just ask fashion photographer, you will know biggest style trend for The New York : breezy, pretty, off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses, which have arrived to ease us into summer. And that means it’s time to start perfecting our shoulder skincare game.

1.For a glow. If you apply any glow product, let skin dry, and then climb into your clothes carefully, you should see minimal transfer, as long as your product isn’t pigmented. (You can also mist your shoulders and neck with a barrier spray like Mehron’s for extra protection.) But if you’re really worried that shimmer or color will rub off on your outfit, celebrity makeup artist Marni Burton has a suggestion of how to get gorgeous glowing skin or a nearly-naked shimmer. “Mario Badescu’s Summer Shine Body Lotion ($10) gives the skin a lustrous sheen,” she tells Yahoo Beauty. “It also has antioxidant moisturizing properties, so it’s good for your skin.”

2.For a glimmer. Chamberlain’s favorite low-key glimmer moisturizer is actually a drugstore buy: Olay Quench Body Lotion Shimmer ($6). “Always let the lotion fully dry, and carefully put your clothes on, so the shimmer does not rub off — and don’t forget this at night when you take your clothes back off,” she says. “If you want a little color with your shimmer, L’oreal’s Sublime Bronze Summer Express ($10) in either light or medium is great, because it’s sweat- and transfer-resistant.” Lastly, for a pearly, iridescent shimmer, Chamberlain likes Pixi Glowtion Day Dew ($22) for a natural glimmer you can don during daytime hours.

3.For a serious shimmer. If you’re looking for a highly-concentrated shimmer and an extra dose of drama, opt for a powder highlighter to get a strobing effect. “I love taking MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in ‘Soft and Gentle’ ($32),” Chamberlain says. “I’ll swipe it on the top my collarbone with my finger tips. It has a little sparkle, and emphasizes the glow of sun-kissed skin.”

Let your sun-kissed shoulders shine.




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