Louis Vuitton just turned Its petit mall E bag into A phone case


46louis-vuitton-just-turned-its-petit-mall-e-bag-into-a-phone-caseIf you thought your phone didn’t need to be carried around in its own Louis Vuitton trunk, you thought totally wrong.

On the final day of Paris Fashion Week , Nicolas Ghesquiere presented Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2017 collection and instead of a new It bag, it was a phone case that caught everyone’s attention.

The designer turned the brand’s Petit Malle trunk bag—which made its debut at his inaugural collection for the house in 2014—into an iPhone case. And it turns out the It bag, which has been a favorite amongst the fashion flock, is even cuter as a tech accessory.



On the runway, however, there were plenty more variations of the Petit Malle phone case to go along with the iconic brown monogram version. From blue croc to gold metallic and the brand’s Damier print, Vuitton sent plenty of options for those eyeing up the cases to chose from.







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