DIY Pumpkin Flower Arrangements


I keep seeing these gorgeous pumpkin flower arrangements at florists, farmers markets, and online. A collection of blooms tightly packed into a bright orange pumpkin just screams “fall.” It’s an elegant take on fall decorating: setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner, adorning the mantle for the season change, or even to give as gifts. I know I would love to receive one of these gorgeous pumpkins, and they will be just as rewarding to give!

With flower arranging, the artistry is in the design and it’s not as easy as it looks. But if you want to take a stab at creating your own pumpkin flower arrangement then here is how to do it.

Fresh pumpkin
Clear plastic
Wet floral foam
Flowers, leaves, berries, succulents

Make it!
Cut the top off your pumpkin so that you have a fairly wide opening near the center of your pumpkin. Scoop out the guts and make these addictive Roasted Rosemary Pumpkin Seeds.

Line the inside of the pumpkin with a sheet of plastic. This will hold some of the moisture in when you water the floral foam.

Cut a piece a floral foam with the knife to a size that will fit inside the pumpkin. Soak the foam in water while you prepare your flowers.

Choose flowers with strong straight stems that are freshly cut, either from the garden or a purchased bouquet.

Insert the floral foam into the inside of the pumpkin and create your arrangement. Start with flowers, then add leaves, berries, and other embellishments to create a full and interesting arrangement.

You can even pop the top like on this other creative arrangement. Hold it on with a piece of floral wire inserted into the floral foam.





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