Colorful Flowers – Personalized Rubber Coaster Set Of 4

Orange Color Chrysanthemum – Personalized Rubber Coaster Set Of 4


Beautiful Yellow And Red Flowers – Personalized Rubber Coaster Set Of 4



This attractive customized design coaster is made from high quality eco friendly cloth and the backing is made from non slip neoprene rubber for both control and comfort.
It can product your furniture and Eco friendly cloth is specially made to be stain and water resistance.
The art design can be customized by submitting your own picture by below notice .
We are happy to design for you. Feel Free to contact us with any question.

Real Pressed Flowers Case



The flowers are natural flowers that hold their flamboyant color as they are dried and pressed. The flowers are placed on the clear, hard plastic phone case and covered with a layer of resin. The resin cures and has a glossy finish. Flowers are completely covered with resin and normally the surface of the case is flat and smooth. However, occasional bumpiness on the case surface due to thickness of flowers is normal and expected. This should not affect the look and functionality of your case.

I will make the flower design as close as possible to the one in the picture. Keep in mind that these cases are made to order and the shape of every flower is not exactly the same. However, I can assure you that the design will look as close and beautiful as the design in the picture.

The phone case is a hard plastic that fits tightly onto your phone. This is good for protecting your phone when you drop it as the case will not fly off upon impact. If you find it hard to take off the case, one method is to face the front of your phone and push the top left corner of the case with both of your thumbs. This way the case should come off easily.

LOVE Theme “I Love You” Pillow Cover



Cushion case:

Material/ fabric :white canvas,light linen,Burlap
Size:18*18 inches (45*45 cm),20*20 inches (50*102 cm)
Envelope closure

-This item is for just the pillow covers, the inserts are not included.
-The pattern is only available on the front side. The back is the nature color without printing.
-All of my covers have a generous envelope/zipper closure in the back so you don’t have to worry about your pillow insert showing and you can change them easily.